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Juntai Shen

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Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

   Professor Juntai Shen obtained his PhD in Astronomy from Rutgers University in USA in 2005, and he was the winner of the Richard J. Plano Dissertation Prize of Rutgers University in 2006. Then he worked as a Harlan J. Smith Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin from 2005 to 2009. He has been working at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory as a CAS Bairen Professor since 2009.   

  His main research interests are galactic dynamics, dynamical structure and evolution of galaxies, their formation and interaction with dark matter and super-massive black holes. His most recent work is modeling the Milky Way bulge and its exotic X-shaped structure. Many of his papers have been cited by internationally renowned textbooks, such as the “Galactic Dynamics” (Binney & Tremaine 2008), “Formation and Evolution of Galaxies” (Mo et al. 2010), and by the latest encyclopedia “Planets, Stars, and Stellar Systems” (Springer, 2013). He was invited to serve as an expert reviewer on the “Galactic Structure” panel for the National Science Foundation of USA. He was also an invited speaker or a SOC member at several major international conferences. 


  Selected Publications 

  1.       Li, Z.-Y., & Shen, J., "The Vertical X-shaped Structure in the Milky Way: Evidence from a Simple Boxy Bulge Model", 2012, ApJL, 757, L7 

  2.       Shen, J. et al., "Our Milky Way as a Pure-disk Galaxy -- A Challenge for Galaxy Formation", 2010, ApJL, 720, L72 

  3.       Shen, J., & Gebhardt, K., "The Supermassive Black Hole and Dark Matter Halo of NGC 4649 (M60)", 2010, ApJ, 711, 484 

  4.       Shen, J., & Debattista, V. P., "Observable Properties of Double-Barred Galaxies in N-Body Simulations", 2009, ApJ, 690, 758 

  5.       Shen, J., & Sellwood, J. A., “The destruction of bars by central mass concentrations”, 2004, ApJ, 604, 614 

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